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      Air Purifier with Disinfection Function

      Short Description:

      • Adopts medical grade disinfection purification technolog) sterilization rate is up to 99.9%.
      • Clean Air Delivery Rate?(CADR):480m3/h, suitable for area 40-60m2.
      • Effectively remove odor and purify PM2.5, haze, pollen, dust, VOCs.

      Product Detail

      Product Tags

      air purifier disinfection

      Molecular Breaking, Double-e?ect?Sterilization

      Working principle of air purification?system
      GJET molecular breaking technology

      Integrated composite filter?[optional]
      It is suitable for foggy weather, severe dust pollution
      area,to purify the pollen, smoke, PM10, PM2.5 and other
      harmful particles?in the air
      High-performance activated?carbon [optional]
      Optional for newly renovated, serious environment
      polluted by harmful gas to adsorb harmful gas pollutants in
      the air, and reduce harmful gas concentration.
      Step 1: Cracking
      The electrostatic field?allows the pollutants?in the air to be dispersed into small?molecular clusters or single molecules?which makes the bacteria peeling off?with other attachments, cell membranes?rupturing, and DNA to be exposed.
      Step 2: Breaking
      High-energy pulsed ions break the?molecular bonds of pollutants and destroy?the DNA of harmful organisms such as?bacteria, thereby achieving disinfection?of harmful gases, and degradation of?particulate?mater.
      Step 3: Restoring
      Formation of trace amounts of?carbon dioxide and water
      Not Every Air Purifier?Has?A Disinfection?Function?
      By forming a high-voltage pulsed electric field inside the?disinfection?purifier?equipment, creating?directional?and?quantitative?high-energy particles?to collide with pollutant?molecules and avalanche collisions, breaking the CC and?CH molecular bonds of pollutants and destroying the cell?membranes, DNA and harmful gases’ chemical bonds of the?bacteria in the air passing through the electric field. Thereby?inactivating microorganisms, cracking harmful gases, and?purifying particulate?mater.
      disinfection 2

      Optional?Filters Meet Your Demand
      disinfection filter

      controller of disinfection

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