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      Fresh Air Sterilization Box

      Short Description:

      Medical UV germicidal lamp
      Medical Photocatalyst Sterilization Filter

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      sterilization box

      Fresh Air Solutions to Fight the COVID-19 Virus

      Fresh air solutions to fight the COVID-19(UVC + photocatalyst)

      Medical UVC germicidal lamp
      HOLTOP customized ultraviolet germicidal lamp can concentrate high intensity
      to kill bacteria and viruses in a short time.
      The wavelength of 254nm is easily absorbed by living organisms.
      The DNA or RNA, which acts on the organism's genetic material, destroy the
      DNA/RNA to kill the bacterial and virus.UVC lamp
      UVC light
      Medical Photocatalytic Filter
      The germicidal UVC light irradiates the photocatalytic material (dioxygentitanium oxide) to combine water and oxygen in the air for
      photocatalytic reaction, which will quickly produce high concentration of advanced germicidal ion groups (hydroxide ions, superhydrogen ions,
      negative oxygen ions, hydrogen peroxide ions, etc.). The oxidizing and ionic properties of these advanced oxidation particles will decompose the
      chemically harmful gases and odors quickly, subside the suspended particulate matters, and kill the microbial contaminants such as viruses,
      bacteria, and mold.
      sterilization box

      Fresh air sterilization boxFresh Air Sterilization Box Specification

      sterilization box date

      Why is ultraviolet light capable of killing new?coronavirus?

      All living things, including humans, are made up of cells.?Viruses are cellless.?They mainly consist of protein shells and nucleic acids?(the genome is composed of one or more nucleic acid?molecules: DNA or RNA).
      Strictly speaking, they are not living things Because of this,?the virus can only survive, metabolize, and reproduce in?the cells of a certain organism. Once detached from the?living body, it will die in a short time. How short depends?on the strength of the virus itself.?The new crown virus is replicated by RNA. The process of?ultraviolet sterilization mainly affects the nucleic acid?(RNA) of the virus and destroys the virus' protein layer,?which affects its survival and replication ability. This?process is medically called?"Inactivated".
      Sterilizing objects

      Fresh air sterilization box installation with energy recovery ventilator:

      ?sterilization box installation

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