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      HOLTOP Technology Protects Health, New Products of Holtop Sterilization and Disinfection Box is Launched

      The world war against the epidemic has just begun. Relevant experts said that the new coronavirus may coexist with humans for a long time like the flu. We need to beware of the threat of the virus at all times.

      How to prevent the damn virus and ensure the absolute health of the indoor air, how to ensure that the air conditioning system will not cause cross infection, is particularly important.

      Since the outbreak, HOLTOP technicians have done their almost to do the experiments?and?developed a disinfection product with a purification efficiency 200 times higher than ozone and 3000 times higher than ultraviolet. The disinfection box can be applied to various living environments and used in conjunction with the ventilation system, which can effectively kill harmful bacteria?and?viruses in the air, effectively reduce the possibility of virus transmission, and protect the health.


      Office Environment

      During the epidemic, many office buildings stopped the central air conditioning system to avoid cross-infection. However, the hot summer is coming soon, and to ensure?the normal operation of the air conditioning system will be an inevitable problem. HOLTOP disinfection box can be?connected?with the air-conditioning system, which can effectively kill microorganisms such as viruses and molds, and simultaneously stimulate a variety of purification ions to actively decompose harmful pollutants to achieve the purpose of air?purification.

      ?office ventilation

      Catering Environment

      Restaurants around the world are opening one after another, but the mobility of people in the restaurants is high. When we enjoy the gluttonous feast, we will inevitably worry about cross infection. HOLTOP disinfection box can be?used with the fresh air system to effectively kill viruses, quickly decompose harmful gases and odors, and ensure fresh and clean air.

      ?restaurant ventilation

      Classroom Environment

      Schools will start and class will resume in batches in various places. The students in the classroom are particularly concentrated. Strengthening ventilation and keeping the air clean is the most effective measure to prevent cross infection. HOLTOP disinfection box can be connected with the fresh air and air conditioning system to deliver safe, clean and comfortable air to the classroom and protect the children’s respiratory health.

      ?classroom ventilation

      Medical Environment

      The hospital environment is relatively complex and the most prone to cross-infection. How to protect medical staff, protect patients and their families, and avoid cross-infection will be particularly important. The installation of disinfection boxes in the supply air and exhaust air pipes not only ensures that the incoming air is clean, but also sterilizes the exhaust air, which can effectively protect the health and cleanliness of the hospital air.

      ?hospital ventilation


      Family Environment

      By combining the installation of HOLTOP fresh air system + sterilization box, the supply of fresh air is kept safe enough. At the same time, the oxidized particles excited can also decompose indoor formaldehyde and other harmful gases, forming a family air protection shield.

      ?home ventilation

      HOLTOP disinfection box features: wide sterilization range, quick effect, high efficiency, light weight, easy installation, low energy consumption, no pollution, wide application.


      Active and comprehensive sterilization design

      UVC + photocatalyst

      The UVC with strong sterilizing power irradiates the photocatalyst material, and generates a high concentration of sterilizing ion groups through photocatalytic reaction, which quickly kills microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. At the same time, a variety of purification ions are generated to strongly decompose indoor formaldehyde, odor and other harmful gases.

      ?sterilization box

      Efficient and Rapid Sterilization Effect

      Special UVC lamp

      HOLTOP’s specially customized ultraviolet sterilization lamp can kill bacteria and viruses in a short time with high intensity. Ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 254nm are most easily absorbed by organisms. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps act on the genetic material of organisms, destroy the viral nucleic acids and kill the viruses.

      Tips: The new COVID-19 virus is replicated by RNA. Ultraviolet rays mainly act on the nucleic acid of the virus and destroy the protein layer of the virus, which affects its survival and replication ability. In medicine, this process is called “inactivation” .

      spectrum of light

      No Secondary Pollution


      Single decomposition product

      The whole sterilization process of Holtop disinfection box only produces carbon dioxide and water. No moving parts, no noise, and no secondary pollution.


      Easy to Install and Control, Low Installation Cost and Good Effect


      HOLTOP adheres to the “customer-centric” design idea, the disinfection box is light in weight, easy to install, low in energy consumption and effective.

      ■ Users who have installed the HOLTOP fresh air ventilation system can complete the transformation by installing a disinfection box on the supply air or exhaust side pipeline. The ?disinfection box can be controlled individually or linked with the fresh air host, which is quick and easy to install.

      ■ For users of newly installed HOLTOP fresh air ventilation system, they can flexibly arrange and install sterilization and disinfection box on the fresh air side or exhaust side according to the interior decoration situation with the linkage control with the ventilator. Once installed, it will benefit for the whole life.

      Besides of the standard disinfection box, Holtop can customized made the sterilization and disinfection products according to the project requirements.?

      sterilization box installation

      Post time: Apr-15-2020