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      Holtop DX Central Air Conditioner for Ethiopian Airlines

      Holtop Join in Hands with Ethiopian Airlines for Africa Market

      On June 18, 2019, Holtop’s overseas office signed a contract with Ethiopian Airlines to supply a constant temperature and humidity DX Central Air Conditioner for an ISO-8 Clean Room of Aircraft Oxygen Bottle Overhaul Workshop.This is the first overseas project for the Holtop Purification DX Central Air Conditioner, and the cooperation with Ethiopian Airlines will also lay a solid foundation for Holtop to better serve the African market.
      Holtop constant temperature and humidity DX Central Air Conditioner Feature
      Strength of the casing meet D1

      Thermal bridge factor meet TB2

      Thermal transmittance meet T2

      AHU performance test according to EN1886:2007



      Post time: Jul-23-2019