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      Holtop Energy Recovery Ventilator Creating the First Class Classroom Air Quality

      Fresh Air for schools

      With the implementation of the four group standards of “Fresh Air Purification System Design Guidelines”, the classroom air quality has also been quantified. Whether the air is good or not, we can test it now, and the importance of fresh air for school are being recognized by more and more people.

      Classroom Air Quality

      Requirements for Fresh Air Purification Systems in Different Classrooms

      Note: 1. The above data refer to “T/CAQI27-2017 “Classroom Air Quality Standards for Primary and Secondary Schools”” by HOLTOP;

      2. Generally, new schools apply the first-level standards, and remodeled schools apply the secondary standards.

      The fresh air energy recovery ventilation system?with purification function is the solution to clean air in the classroom. The fresh air energy recovery ventilation system?can continuously deliver clean purified air to the room while the doors and windows are closed, and discharge the dirty air containing carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and PM2.5 in the room to ensure the air freshness in the classroom.

      ?School Energy Recovery Ventilator08

      With nearly 20 years of technology accumulation, HOLTOP has developed a new energy recovery ventilator for classrooms, which enables classroom air quality to reach the first level standard. It not only meets the requirements of cleanliness and freshness, but also adjusts the temperature and humidity to create a healthier and more comfortable breathing environment for students.

      School Energy Recovery Ventilator07

      1. Cleanliness

      Outdoor air pollution, PM2.5 and other particulate matter?enter classroom.?Chalk ash?are dust pollution.?And?construction pollution caused by decoration, furniture pollution and other chemical pollution, these are always endangering the health of students. HOLTOP energy recovery ventilation?system is balanced?ventilation, which effectively?solve the indoor TVOC pollution such as formaldehyde, while supplying the clean and?fresh air.

      School Energy Recovery Ventilator06

      Beijing Qi Yao bilingual kindergarten?has installed with?HOLTOP vertical?energy recovery ventilators. According to?field test?of the National Air Conditioning Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, when the detected outdoor PM2.5 concentration is 298μg / m3, after running HOLTOP energy recovery ventilators?for 1?hour,?the indoor PM2.5 reduced to?only 29μg / m3?and the?classroom air reaches the first level standard.

      ?School Energy Recovery Ventilator05

      Beijing Qi Yao Bilingual Kindergarten

      ?School Energy Recovery Ventilator04

      2. Freshness

      The classroom space is relatively closed, and students are more concentrated, which will lead to an increase in carbon dioxide concentration, resulting in hypoxia pollution. Students are prone to lethargy, lack of energy, and feeling overwhelmed. HOLTOP ERV?can discharge indoor carbon dioxide and supply fresh air timely, making the air in the classroom fresh, comfortable and oxygen-rich.

      School Energy Recovery Ventilator03

      HOLTOP Huijia Kindergarten?has installed with?HOLTOP vertical energy recovery ventilators. According to the test?of the National Air Conditioning Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center,?after running?HOLTOP ERV for 1 hour,?the carbon dioxide concentration dropped below 500ppm, and the classroom air reached the first level standard.

      School Energy Recovery Ventilator02

      HOLTOP Huijia Kindergarten

      ?School Energy Recovery Ventilator01

      3. Temperature and humidity optimization

      Ordinary ventilation systems?directly send outdoor cold and hot air into the classroom in winter and summer, which will cause large fluctuations of temperature and humidity in the classroom. Not only children are susceptible to get cold, but also ?the energy consumption of air conditioners?will greatly increase. HOLTOP energy recovery ventilation system is equipped with the latest generation of total heat exchange core?( anti-mold flame retardant, nano-scale aperture?) to exchange?temperature and humidity. The?supply air temperature is close to room temperature, keeping indoor temperature and humidity basically unchanged. The supplied fresh air is not too cold in winter?and not too hot in summer. Taking Beijing as an example, while the summer outdoor temperature is 37 degrees, the classroom temperature is 26 degrees, and the supply air temperature of HOLTOP ERV?is?28 degrees, which is comfortable and energy-saving, creating an excellent?environment for students.?

      cross counterflow heat exchanger

      Holtop 4-Generation Total Heat Exchanger

      cross counterflow heat exchanger

      The HOLTOP energy recovery ventilation system is widely used in the classroom. It has been recognized by schools and parents through long-term operation. Some schools has?equipped the?remote monitoring system. Parents can use the mobile phone to see the air condition of the classroom at home which can ravel out?their concerns.

      School Energy Recovery Ventilator26

      Beijing Changping District No. 6 Middle School

      School Energy Recovery Ventilator25

      School Energy Recovery Ventilator24

      Pleasant International Bilingual Kindergarten

      School Energy Recovery Ventilator23

      School Energy Recovery Ventilator22

      Happy childlike bilingual kindergarten

      ?School Energy Recovery Ventilator21

      School Energy Recovery Ventilator20

      School ERV?centralized display remote monitoring system


      All of the five schools tested by the National Air Conditioning Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center met the first level standards. HOLTOP products are widely used in school?to protect students’ healthy breathing.

      ?School Energy Recovery Ventilator19

      Stanford University

      School Energy Recovery Ventilator18

      Tsinghua University

      School Energy Recovery Ventilator17

      Beijing University

      School Energy Recovery Ventilator16

      Northeastern University

      School Energy Recovery Ventilator15

      Guangxi University of Science and Technology

      School Energy Recovery Ventilator14

      Nanjing University

      ?School Energy Recovery Ventilator13

      Nankai Middle School

      ?School Energy Recovery Ventilator12

      Shijiazhuang Forty-third Middle School

      ?School Energy Recovery Ventilator11

      Song Qingling Kindergarten

      ?School Energy Recovery Ventilator10

      China University of Political Science and Law

      School Energy Recovery Ventilator09

      Chongqing University

      The application of the?energy recovery ventilation system?at school is booming in China, and more and more schools are using HOLTOP ERV system. As a well-known enterprise in China’s ventilation?industry, HOLTOP?will adhere to?the?product research and development, technological innovation,?and develop new products that are more suitable for schools, push?the development of energy recovery?technology?for schools, lead the development of fresh air industry, and create healthy, comfortable and safe breathing?environment for more children.

      School Energy Recovery Ventilator27

      Post time: Aug-10-2019